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Sven Wannäs joined the band Kaos Krew, June 2013

I am happy to announce that I will line up with the guys in Kaos Krew as a keyboard player 2013-06-20.

Kaos Krew a metal band from Finland founded 2004. Genre of the music is Industrial Rock or Metal. The band will also release later this fall their 3rd full length album.

Kaos Krew train2

Kaos Krew lineup (2013) left to right: Tomas Öst, Ulf Skog, Göran Fellman, Massi Wickman, Zacharias Ahlvik and Sven Wannäs.

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Kaos Krew

Member of Kaos Krew 2013 – present (Jakobstad, Finland).

Kaos Krew took its first breaths in 2004 when the band was founded by members Ulf Skog, Göran Fellman and Tomas Öst in Jakobstad, Finland. The band’s music style is Industrial Metal/Rock.

As Kaos Krew members joined also drummer Zacharias Ahlvik in October 2010 the lead singer Massi Wickman in March 2012 and finally in July 2013 Sven Wannäs on keyboards and Kaos Krew become a complete band. Change in lineup September 2014, Jonas Kuhlberg as new bass player.

kaoskrew_under_destruction_albumKaos Krew promo album “Under Destruction” that was released in May, 2005. The feedback from around the world was very positive and gave the band a record deal with Top Records in Finland.


kaoskrew_devour_albumFirst album “Devour” was released September 18, 2006.



kill_city_vol_7_cdThe song “Trust Me” from the “Devour” album ended up year 2008 on a Compilation released in USA on 272 Records album, “Kill City Vol.7”.



kaoskrew_global_fobia_albumSecond album “Global Fobia” was released June 23, 2010. Kaos Krew also signed a licensing/distribution deal with CoproRecords/Casket Music for the release of Global Fobia in the UK.


Kaoskrew_CorruptionrulesthiswordThe bands third album “Corruption Rules This World” was released August 23, 2013.




KaosKrew-PlanetMadness-Video2013A music video released to follow up the “Corruption Rules This World” album’s title track “Planet Madness”. Music video was released November 16, 2013.



Kaos Krew DVD cover

Release of the live video concert Kaos Krew – Live at Schauman Hall September 2014.
Video concert was released February 6, 2015.








Lineup 2013 – 2014:
Zacharias Ahlvik – Drums
Göran Fellman – Guitar
Ulf Skog – Guitar
Sven Wannäs – Synthesizers
Massi Wickman – Vocals
Tomas Öst – Bass







Lineup 2014 – Present:
Zacharias Ahlvik – Drums
Göran Fellman – Guitar
Jonas Kuhlberg – Bass
Ulf Skog – Guitar
Sven Wannäs – Synthesizers
Massi Wickman – Vocals


For more detailed info visit the bands official website

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Jari Tiura

jari_tiura_promoI have had the opportunity from time to time to work with the great singer Jari Tiura (Stargazery, ex. Michael Schenker Group) in different projects.

Jari Tiura & the West Coast Gang
Following selected musicians joined their forces for a couple of gigs in the summer of 2012 under the tour name “A Tribute To 80’s Metal”. The mini tour was dedicated to 80’s metal but of course we had thrown in a couple of songs from the 70’s also. We had a rocking time with lots of fun. We hope the audience also did feel our passion for the music. Jari Tiura (Stargazery, ex. Michael Schenker Group) – vocals, Henric Blomqvist (Solid Faces) – guitars, Sven Wannäs (Solid Faces) – Hammond and keyboards, Marko Pukkila (Altaria) – bass, Calle Fahllund (Sturm und Drang) – drums.

Solid Faces featuring Jari Tiura at Purple Night 2013.

The Rock Festival (March, 2014)

In 2013-2014 we did work on Henric Blomqvist & Friends album “All of Your Illusions”.

Henric Blomqvist & Friends  “All of Your Illusions” album tour 2014.

Solid Faces featuring Jari Tiura and Jukka Nummi at the Halloween Monsters of Rock 2014.

Jari  Tiura & HBF group performed a live set of five songs at  Purple Night 2015.


More info about Jari at:

Solid Faces new lineup. July 4, 2010

There has been a change in lead vocals.

In July 3 Marko officially announced the band members that he was leaving the band.

Sven contacted his old friend and vocalist Johan Mattjus (Stormwing, Altaria) to join forces. Johan decided to join the band with this very short notice July 4.

A new chapter has begun and Solid Faces welcomes Johan as the new lead vocalist in the band!


Solid Faces new lineup (2010) from left to right: Henric Blomqvist, Sven Wannäs, Johan Mattjus, Roger Snellman, Anders Thors.


“I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the time i had with you guys. It was VERY fun while it lasted and i will cherish it with me 4-ever. I wish you all the very best and i hope you will keep on rocking. You are all very good musicians and you will always have my deepest respect.” Marko

 Solid Faces also want to thank Marko for his time in the band and wish good luck to his future projects.

Doogie White

I did get the opportunity to be the keyboard player for the great singer and person Doogie White when he visited Finland in March and June 2009. Great experience and a memory for lifetime.

Again in 2014 we did have cooperation when worked on Henric Blomqvist & Friends album “All of Your Illusions”.

Backing up Doogie again live (live set of nine songs) at Purple Night 2015.

On tour with Doogie White’s White Noise (Finnish Chapter) in April 2018.

Doogie-1~Doogie White is one of the most talented and respected rock vocalists in the UK and beyond. His studio and live work with guitar and rock legends Ritchie Blackmore in Rainbow and Yngwie Malmsteen in Rising Force is well known and highly regarded by the fans and the bands alike. But there is much more to Doogie’s range and ability than just these two world-class gigs. Doogie tours or records constantly with a wide range of musicians from around the world playing festivals throughout the summer and club/concert dates in the winter. He has a number of solo projects underway as well as regular gigs and studio albums with his own band Cornerstone. He is a renowned session vocalist and has contributed to many well-known recordings and live performances including shows with Jon Lord and Ian Paice. He is currently on tour with Michael Schenker. (Copy from, June 24, 2014 )


More info about Doogie at: