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Purple Night 2013 presented on The Highway Star web pages

Info about Purple Night 2013 was presented on the original Deep Purple web pages The Highway Star.

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Purple Night 2013

poster_purple_night_2013_3 Perfect Strangers of Finland is celebrating their 15th anniversary by organizing a traditional Purple Night concert. Who Do We Think We Are will be the theme for this Purple Night, which is being held for the fifth year in a row now.



Solid Faces (Pietarsaari): the band that toured with Doogie White in 2009. They will perform a set of Purple covers.

Angry Machines (Oulu): will perform a set of Dio, commemorating 30th anniversary of Holy Diver.

White Shade of Purple (Kouvola): will play mostly music of Whitesnake.

Guest singers for the night will be Jari Tiura (e.g. Former Michael Schenker Group, Stargazery) and Peter James Goodman (e.g. Conquest, Purple Society).


When: Saturday, May 18, 2013, from 9pm — 4am.

Where: Virgin Oil, Kaivopiha, Mannerheimintie 5, Helsinki, Finland.

Tickets: €12/€14 at www.tiketti.fi.


Thanks to Jari Kaikkonen for the info.

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Solid Faces CD album sales temporary stopped. April, 2013

Update 2013-04-06:

The batch of CD albums received were defect at the end of last song (5:52). Sales are temporary stopped until we got it straightened out and received a new print of CD’s.

So please be patient and stay tuned until then!!

We are very sorry for this inconvenience and everyone who bought the disc can return or replace the CD for free when the new shipment arrives.

This is the price we had to pay for being too impatiens and trying to force the process faster than necessary.

Right now it’s not fun at all but maybe after a month or so we can laugh about this…

“Hey! SF sells Classic Hard Rock CD albums with authentic 70’s LP emulation, damage on the last song so it makes the classic repetitions that scratchy vinyl records can have”.

Update info:

All CD’s now returned to CD plant and we will receive a new shipment with CD’s ASAP.

There was a couple of faulty CD’s that we were unable to trace, they can still be exchanged until August 2013.

Hmmm… or… first print and faulty… maybe it is a collector’s item… 😉


Initial release 2013-04-05:

Solid Faces releases 2013-04-05 their first CD album entitled “A Tribute to Classic Rock”.


Solid Faces new lineup. July 4, 2010

There has been a change in lead vocals.

In July 3 Marko officially announced the band members that he was leaving the band.

Sven contacted his old friend and vocalist Johan Mattjus (Stormwing, Altaria) to join forces. Johan decided to join the band with this very short notice July 4.

A new chapter has begun and Solid Faces welcomes Johan as the new lead vocalist in the band!


Solid Faces new lineup (2010) from left to right: Henric Blomqvist, Sven Wannäs, Johan Mattjus, Roger Snellman, Anders Thors.


“I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the time i had with you guys. It was VERY fun while it lasted and i will cherish it with me 4-ever. I wish you all the very best and i hope you will keep on rocking. You are all very good musicians and you will always have my deepest respect.” Marko

 Solid Faces also want to thank Marko for his time in the band and wish good luck to his future projects.

Sven Wannäs joined the band Solid Faces, May 2008

2008-05-12. Again going back to the roots 🙂 joined Solid Faces with my Hammond organ and the goal to make the band more than a garage band.


Solid Faces lineup (2008) left to right: Henric Blomqvist, Sven Wannäs, Marko Kangas, Roger Snellman, Anders Thors.

Solid Faces a tribute/cover band that performs with Classic Hard Rock song from great bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake.
More about Solid Faces at www.solid-faces.com