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Saved by Stephane Garganigo at Barb and Co

I could not let this pass without notice here on my site.

Had an upcoming show last Friday (2014-10-31) with my band Solid Faces. Found out late in Thursday evening that I was in need to get a special setup done for one of the earlier special programmed sounds he made to my Kurzweil PC3.

Did send an email to Stephane and described the functionality I needed and asked if it would be possible to do and get it done before the Friday show. My hope wasn’t very high because I was very late out.

But what can I say… Wow… One hour later I did receive an email from Stephane with a small description and a working setup file in the attachment. What a service!!!

Thank you very much for this Stephane you made my Friday show.

Please check out Stephane´s work at Barb and Co.

New keyboard sounds under construction for upcoming Kaos Krew shows

New keyboard sounds are under programming and construction for upcoming Kaos Krew shows.

The band Kaos Krew has only being studio based until now and are finally going to have a couple of live shows this fall 2014. Ulf Skog the founder and “professor” of Kaos Krew have used many different odd synthesizers and sounds on the Kaos Krew recordings over the years and all of this hardware setup will not be practical or even reliable for me to drag to the shows so I decided to use a Kurzweil PC3 in my setup as the main core because of the sound and flexibility of this keyboard.

Have earlier bought some Kurzweil sounds from Stephane Garganigo (France) at Barb and Co and found them useful. As my schedule are busy at the moment so instead of doing it all by myself I decided to contact Stephane if he was interested to do sound design and port part of the sounds to PC3 for the upcoming shows.

I’m very happy that he jumped on this project because Stephane really knows how to program sounds on the Kurzweil PC3 he also works very fast and to an affordable price. Take a look at Stephan’s web site Barb and Co for more info about his other work.

11-Pin Adapter Cable for Hammond XK-3 and Ventilator

This is the original home page of the 11-Pin Adapter Cable for Hammond XK-3(c) and Neo Instruments Ventilator.

In December 2009 I did design/construct this adapter cable and made a document that can be downloaded below. The document was also uploaded to the Hammond XK3 Yahoo user group and can also be found on Neo Instruments homepage.

4-VentilatorLiveWith this adapter cable you can control the Ventilator direct from XK-3(c) Leslie controls.

The document brief describes how an 11-pin adapter cable between Hammond XK-3/XK-3c and Ventilator Leslie simulator can be constructed.

This adapter cable should also work with any other Hammond like clone that follows the correct 11-pin Hammond standard.

Disclaimer! This document only describes how I did make this adapter cable and is not meant to be a user instruction guide how to build these cables. If however some-one uses the information in this document to make an adapter cable the author of the document takes no responsibility whatsoever for misprint, void warranties, destroyed equipment and what ever harm can happen to equipment, people, animals, buildings, nature etc etc… The information may be used at your own risk entirely!

~The brand names Hammond® and Leslie® are protected trade-marks of Hammond-Suzuki Corporation. The Ventilator is a product of NEO Instruments.

Document for the 11-pin adapter cable in pdf format:
11-pin adapter for XK-3 and Ventilator 2014-08-09

Here you can see the cable in action. A video by Jim Alfredson were he made a review of the Ventilator. For the review, Jim is using a Hammond-Suzuki XK3 / XK traditional system along with a custom cable (designed by Sven Wannäs) that allows the Ventilator to be controlled from the XK3. The Ventilator’s stereo outputs were recorded direct into Cubase via a Presonus Firepod with no EQ or other processing. The XK3 is loaded with Jim’s custom tonewheel set based on his 1958 Hammond B3.

Neo Instruments homepage

Hammond EU homepage

Jim Alfredson hompage