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Kaos Krew new single “End My Pride”

Kaos Krew has released the first single “End My Pride” 2016-11-13 from the forthcoming full-length album named “Returno”.

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The upcoming fourth full-length album “Returno” planned to be released due of winter 2017. This will be the very first album with this current line-up. More details on the second single and forthcoming full-length album “Returno” are expected soon.

Henric Blomqvist & Friends – All of Your Illusions – Album released, May 9, 2014

Henric Blomqvist & Friends – All of Your Illusions  album released, May 9, 2014.

Henric is a guitarist and songwriter living in Jakobstad, Finland. Now releasing his first solo album containing own songs co-written with the Henric_Albumparticipating singers. The style is guitar-based rock songs and ballads with influences from the Classic Hard Rock genre.

Participating artists and friends are none other than Doogie White (MSG, Rainbow, Malmsteen etc), Jari Tiura (Stargazery, MSG etc), Jukka Nummi (Angry Machines, Rainbow Shakers, Myon etc), Johan Mattjus (Solid Faces, Stormwing), Jonas Kuhlberg Bass (Mygrain), Sven Wannäs Hammond & keyboards (Solid Faces, Kaos Krew, Stormwing) and Roger Snellman Drums (Solid Faces, Tinderbox).



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Kaos Krew – Planet Madness (Official Video)

The official music video for Kaos Krew song Planet Madness was released November 16, 2013

Planet Madness is the title track from Kaos Krew 4th full length album Corruption Rules This World.

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Kaos Krew – Corruption Rules This World album released, August 23, 2013

Kaos Krew – Corruption Rules This World album was officially released in Finland 2013-08-23.

Kaos Krew a metal band from Finland founded 2004. Genre of the music is Industrial Rock or Metal.


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Kaos Krew train2

Kaos Krew lineup (2013) left to rigt: Tomas Öst, Ulf Skog, Göran Fellman, Massi Wickman, Zacharias Ahlvik and Sven Wannäs.

Solid Faces – A Tribute to Classic Rock album released, May 13, 2013


Solid Faces releases 2013-05-13 their first full length CD album entitled  A Tribute to Classic Rock containing 11 tracks of Classic Hard Rock songs (Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake).

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Press release:
Solid Faces releases 2013-05-13 their first CD album entitled “A Tribute to Classic Rock” that contains 11 tracks of Classic Hard Rock songs (Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake).

Solid Faces is a hard rock band from Jakobstad and Pedersöre in Finland. Band was founded 2006. From 2008 performs as a Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake tribute band. Current line-up is from year 2010. The band uses SF as their logo. Apart from vocals, the band also features Hammond organ, guitar, bass and drums.

All members in Solid Faces have grown up listening to classic hard rock and really love the great songs been made. In no way Solid Faces try to sound exactly as those great classic bands because no one ever could, instead the band members brings their own soul and inspiration into the songs and the result is Solid Faces tribute to classic hard rock.


Members left to right:
Henric Blomqvist, guitar
Roger Snellman, drumsr
Johan Mattjus, lead vocal
Sven Wannäs, Hammond
Anders Thors, bass

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Solid Faces is a proud member of Perfect Stranger of Finland (
Perfect Strangers of Finland (PSOF ry) is the official Finnish Deep Purple appreciation society, approved by Deep Purple and their Management Thames Talent Ltd.