In brief

Sven Wannäs keyboard player, composer and producer from Sundby (Pedersöre), Finland. Born November 24, 1964.

Main keyboards are Hammond organ and analog synthesizers.

Mostly been playing keyboards in the genre of Classic Hard Rock and Melodic Heavy Rock but have also slipping into Blues playing now and then just for fun.

From time to time I’m also participating in various contexts whenever a keyboard player/song-writer is needed for music projects or live performances.

Having strong influences from hard rock and prog bands from the 70’s but also blues and southern rock band has been inspiring. The keyboard player Jon Lord (Deep Purple) R.I.P is one of my biggest influences.

Some of the people I have had the opportunity to work with (addition to my ordinary bands) in different contexts as a live musician, studio musician, recording sessions, studio works or song writings etc.
Doogie White (Rainbow, Tank, Yngwie Malmsteen, Cornerstone, Michael Schenker Group, etc), Sören Kronqvist (Crash the system, etc), Ulf Wahlberg, Clas Yngström (Sky High, etc), Jari Tiura (Michael Schenker Group, Stargazery), Kimmo Blom, Calle Fahllund (Sturm und Drang), Jani Kuoppamaa (Sturm Und Drang), Marko Pukkila (Altaria), Peter James Goodman (Conquest), Agnes (Finnish Idols finalist 2005), Luca Sturniolo (Voice of Finland, Boycott), Jukka Nummi (Myon, Angry Machines, etc), Wentus Blues Band, Jonas Kulberg (Paul Di’Anno Band, MyGrain), Ville Karhu (Crow’s Flight, etc), Tea Tähtinen (Voice of Finland), Mika Sundkvist, Kenna Nygård (The Iniquity Decent), Jonas Frilund (Magenta Harvest, The Iniquity Decent, Underjord), Simo Pirttimaa, Mika Paananen, Mats Ödahl, Sarina Kettunen, Cata Bonds…

List of bands

Century Lost (2016-Present)
Fantasia (2015-Present)
St. Marcus Blues Band (2015-Present)
Kaos Krew (2013-Present)
Solid Faces (2008-Present)
Misty Blue (2005-2009)
Fireball (1999-2000)
Stormwing (1986-1996)
Stormbringer (1981-1986)

Some milestones

Meet & Greet with Deep Purple in Oulu.

Release of Kaos Krew – Live at Schauman Hall 2014 video/DVD.
Keyboard Player for Doogie White at Purple Night 2015.
Chief organizer of Ostrobothnia Music Expo 2015
Perfect Strangers of Finland Award 2015

Meet & Greet with Deep Purple in Oulu.
Release of Henric Blomqvist & Friends – All of Your Illusions album.
Album release gigs with Henric Blomqvist & Friends.
Co-arranger of Ostrobothnia Music Expo 2014 (OME 2014).
Kaos Krew doing the first live gigs after ten years as a studio project.
Release of Henric Blomqvist & Friends – All of Your Illusions Tour video Live at Jakobs Dagar 2014.

Solid Faces released the bands first album A Tribute To Classic Rock.
Perfect Strangers of Finland celebrated their 15th anniversary and was invited with Solid Faces to perform on the event.
Recorded and produced Henric Blomqvist & Friends album All of Your Illusions.
Joined the band Kaos Krew.
Release of the Kaos Krew – Corruption Rules This World album.
Release of the Kaos Krew – Planet Madness video.

Did a couple of gigs summer 2012 with Jari Tiura (Michael Schenker Group, Stargazery), my old friend Marko Pukkila (Altaria), Calle Fahllund (Sturm und Drang) and of course my guitar playing friend Henric Blomqvist. Great Fun!!
Recorded and produced the band Solid Faces first CD album release.

Had a very nice experience when getting the opportunity to be the keyboard player for the great Hard Rock singer and person Doogie White (Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, Cornerstone, Tank, Michael Schenker Group) when he visited Finland in March and June 2009.
Also did some Cover Club Band gigs featuring vocalists such as Agnes (Finnish Idols finalist 2005), Luca Sturniolo and Jukka Nummi (Myon).

Joined the Classic Hard Rock cover band Solid Faces with Hammond organ and keyboards in May 2008.

Played Hammond organ in a hobby based blues band called Misty Blue from year 2005 until 2009 when the band did take a break.

In year 2001 as a commissioned session musician (Hammond organ on 2 tracks) on Wentus Blues Band CD-record release No Beginner. The record was produced by Clas Yngström (Sky High).

Hammond organ in the Deep Purple tribute band Fireball (Finland) year 1999-2000.

Stormwing released a full length CD album in Japan.

Stormwing released a 5 song CD-EP album.

Stormwing released a full album MC.

Stormwing released second Vinyl Single.

Stormwing released the band’s first Vinyl Single and short after a EP MC containing the single songs plus two bonus tracks.

From the start in year 1986 to the break 1996 I was the keyboard player and one of the original member in the Melodic Heavy Rock band Stormwing.
Stormwing did release several recordings with own material. The band also did some commissioned recordings ordered as special request that was not related to the ordinary music material.

Year 1981-1986 founding member and keyboard player in the band Stormbringer (Finland), the band later on migrated into the band Stormwing. A compilation recording from a live festival was released 1982 where Stormbringer participated with 2 own written songs. Later on the band also recorded some demo songs that have not been officially released.

The -70’s
In the late -70´s and upper level of compulsory school, around 1977-1979 I started to jam and play with my class mate, friend and guitar player Peter “Wildbrain” Nylund (Trio Eismend, Dreadline, WDM, Nylli Kick’s Ass, PNW etc). This was the breeding ground into my continuing musical interest.

Early years
Coming from a family with musical roots I started my music career to play on my father’s keyboards in early ages and am mostly a self-taught musician, however I did take some piano lessons in the teen ages for a while.

I’m very thankfully to all nice people I have met and become friends with over the years, you may not have been mentioned on this website but you are not forgotten.

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