This site is all about my (Sven Wannäs) musically activity. The published contents are related to my music work as a keyboard player, composer, producer, bands, gigs etc. However there are a small number of contents that I have had no parts of but are published just to keep the big picture as informative as possible. All things and stuff published on this site are mostly from my point of view and may not reflect all and every ones opinion.

This site act as a public notebook, calendar and blog for me and I try to keep it as up to date as possible about what’s my ongoing projects are. I also have a lot of old stuff (videos, audio, reviews, photos etc.) that I from time to publish for my own nostalgically and historically reasons. So please check back if that is of your interests.

This site also contains copies of third-party content. It is not my purpose to steal anyone’s work and I do link to the original content if possible and available which hopefully generate more traffic and publicity to the original authors. I also normally save a copy on this site for backup purpose only because internet content and sites have a tendency to change, disappear or be unavailable. I feel this is my rights because the content contains info about me.

I like to thank everyone who are following my site! Also feel free to share my posts with the sharing buttons. If you want to contact me you can use the contact form.

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