Kaos Krew – Planet Madness video

Release date: November 16, 2013

KaosKrew-PlanetMadness-Video2013Artist: Kaos Krew
Video title: Planet Madness
Label: –
Catalog: –
Genre: Industrial Metal
Type: DVD/YouTube video
Total playing time: 0:04:42
Technical: 16:9 Widescreen, Dolby Digital 2.0

Kaos Krew
Ulf Skog
Massi Wickman
Göran Fellman
Zacharias Ahlvik
Sven Wannäs
Tomas Öst

Directed and Edited by
Matias Holmberg

Chinematography and Special Effects
Joakim Finholm

Camera assistants
Jani Laakso
Tuuli Pohto

Bo Kronqvist
Tage Borgmästars
Sofie Tjäru
Niklas Sundström
Marie Backman
Victoria Sippus
Christian Strang
Finn Appel
Roger Strand
Karl-Petter Söderman
Annina Suominen

Video notes:

Kaos Krew – Planet Madness

~The official music video for the song Planet Madness was released November 16, 2013.

Kaos Krew released on August 23 their 3rd full length album “Corruption Rules This World”. The song Planet Madness was visualized and filmed in autumn 2013 by the duo Matias Holmberg (director and editor) and Joakim Finholm (chinematography and special effects).

Planet Madness is the title track from Corruption Rules This World album.

The industrial metal band Kaos Krew (Finland) was formed 2004 and current line-up since 2013.