Henric Blomqvist & Friends – All of Your Illusions

Release date: May 9, 2014
Credits: Hammond organ & keyboards, co-arrangements, co-producing, co-recording, mixing and mastering.


Artist: Henric Blomqvist & Friends
Album title: All of Your Illusions
Distribution: Secret Entertainment
Catalog: HBQ014
Genre: Hard Rock
Type: CD Album (Digipak)
Total playing time: 00:54:53


  1. Place Of Fear 5:10 (Blomqvist)
  2. Thunderbrigade  6:36 (Blomqvist/Tiura)
  3. Pain That Gains 4:57 (Blomqvist/Nummi)
  4. Black Sky 4:23 (Blomqvist/Mattjus)
  5. Plenty Of Reasons 4:36 (Blomqvist) Instrumental
  6. Till The End Of Time 5:28 (Blomqvist/Nummi)
  7. When We Were Young 5:35 (Blomqvist/Nummi)
  8. Perfect Dream 5:48 (Blomqvist)
  9. Lonely As I Am 5:26 (Blomqvist/White)
  10. All Of Your Illusions 6:33 (Blomqvist) Instrumental

Album lineup:

  • Henric Blomqvist – guitar
  • Jonas Kuhlberg – bass
  • Johan Mattjus – vocals
  • Jukka Nummi – vocals
  • Roger Snellman – drums
  • Jari Tiura – vocals
  • Sven Wannäs – hammond & keys
  • Doogie White – vocals

Produced by Henric Blomqvist & Sven Wannäs
Guitars and Bass recorded by Henric Blomqvist
Drums, Keyboards and Vocals recorded by Sven Wannäs, except vocals on “Lonely As I Am” recorded by Doogie White, London
Mixed and Mastered by Sven Wannäs

Cover art by Darkartphotography.com

Band link: www.henricblomqvist.com

Buy online:

CD-Dreams: http://www.cd-dreams.fi/fi/titles/7b9b8230cd11f81a42f889debb6a08bd52460312

Inverse store: http://www.inverse.fi/shop/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=433&osCsid=e5e6366062ed603561973d6d9175bb31

Album notes:

Henric Blomqvist & Friends – All of Your Illusions.

~Henric is a guitarist and songwriter living in Jakobstad, Finland. Now releasing his first solo album containing own songs co-written with the participating singers. The style is guitar-based rock songs and ballads with influences from the Classic Hard Rock genre.

Participating artists and friends are none other than Doogie White (MSG, Rainbow, Malmsteen etc), Jari Tiura (Stargazery, MSG etc), Jukka Nummi (Angry Machines, Rainbow Shakers, Myon etc), Johan Mattjus (Solid Faces, Stormwing), Jonas Kuhlberg Bass (Mygrain), Sven Wannäs Hammond & keyboards (Solid Faces, Kaos Krew, Stormwing) and Roger Snellman Drums (Solid Faces, Tinderbox).

The album is produced by Henric and Sven.