Jari Tiura

jari_tiura_promoI have had the opportunity from time to time to work with the great singer Jari Tiura (Stargazery, ex. Michael Schenker Group) in different projects.

Jari Tiura & the West Coast Gang
Following selected musicians joined their forces for a couple of gigs in the summer of 2012 under the tour name “A Tribute To 80’s Metal”. The mini tour was dedicated to 80’s metal but of course we had thrown in a couple of songs from the 70’s also. We had a rocking time with lots of fun. We hope the audience also did feel our passion for the music. Jari Tiura (Stargazery, ex. Michael Schenker Group) – vocals, Henric Blomqvist (Solid Faces) – guitars, Sven Wannäs (Solid Faces) – Hammond and keyboards, Marko Pukkila (Altaria) – bass, Calle Fahllund (Sturm und Drang) – drums.

Solid Faces featuring Jari Tiura at Purple Night 2013.

The Rock Festival (March, 2014)

In 2013-2014 we did work on Henric Blomqvist & Friends album “All of Your Illusions”.

Henric Blomqvist & Friends  “All of Your Illusions” album tour 2014.

Solid Faces featuring Jari Tiura and Jukka Nummi at the Halloween Monsters of Rock 2014.

Jari  Tiura & HBF group performed a live set of five songs at  Purple Night 2015.


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