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Live gigs with Cover Club band feat. Luca Sturniolo

23-24.10.2009 Live gigs in Kokkola and Pietarsaari with Cover Club band feat. Luca.

23.10.2009 23:00 The Rock, Kokkola.
24.10.2009 23:00 Music Club Jeppis, Jakobstad/Pietarsaari.

Luca Sturniolo, vocals (Grand Fate)
Sven Wannäs, Hammond (Solid Faces)
Henric Blomqvist, guitar (Solid Faces)
Simo Pirttimaa, guitar (Fallout Moon)
Mats Ödahl, bass (The Vibratones)
Mika Paananen, drums.


More about Luca:

Live gig with Doogie White & Cover Club Band

Live gig with Cover Club band feat. Doogie White (ex. Rainbow, ex. Yngwie Malmsteen, Cornerstone, Tank) at Music Club Jeppis (Jakobstad/Pietarsaari). March 14, 2009.

Doogie White poster 2009-03-14

Doogie White – vocals
Sven Wannäs – Hammond & keys
Henric Blomqvist – guitar
Simo Pirttimaa – guitar
Mats Ödahl – bass
Ville Karhu – drums

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Birthday party gig @ MCJ

2009-02-21 was invited to Marko Pukkila’s (Fallout Moon, ex. Altaria) birthday party at Music Club Jeppis, Jakobstad/Pietarsaari to play a couple of songs.

– Jukka Nummi vocals (Myon, Purpledsnake, Angry Machines)
– Simo Pirttimaa guitar (Fallout Moon)
– Mats Ödahl bass (The Vibratones)
– Kenneth Nygård drums (Devious Imp, Observant).
– Henric Blomqvist guitar (Solid Faces)
– Sven Wannäs hammond (Solid Faces)

Congrats Marko hope you had a good time and enjoyed the music!