The Vikings Are Coming

The Vikings Are Coming

First one of these coming your way Friday September 5 at 5 pm on TBFM.
Featuring brand spanking new track from Norwegian maestros Audrey Horne, Iskald, D.A.D, Henric Blomqvist, SAVN, Malmsteen, Frail Grounds, Diamond Dogs, Bonafide, Sami rocking from The BlackSheeps, Jorn, Mayhem, Emperor and a load more.

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Henric Blomqvist & Friends – All of Your Illusions album lineup:
Henric Blomqvist – guitar
Jonas Kuhlberg – bass
Johan Mattjus – vocals
Jukka Nummi – vocals
Roger Snellman – drums
Jari Tiura – vocals
Sven Wannäs – hammond & keys
Doogie White – vocals


Missed the show?? Ok listen here…

Heavy Rock Rapture Sept 5 2014 Scandinavian show live from the Halls of Valhalla by Roger Fauske on Mixcloud