The Vikings Are Coming


Roger Fauske latest show in Odin’s company from the halls of Valhalla.

Featuring interviews with Norwegians Sarpedon on the day their debut album is released, and Finnish rockers Achiote.
Music from them plus Henric Blomqvist, The Cloudycators, Emperor, Iskald, Skálmöld.

Listen Friday December 5, 2014. 5pm UK time on TBFM



Henric Blomqvist & Friends – All of Your Illusions album lineup:
Henric Blomqvist – guitar
Jonas Kuhlberg – bass
Johan Mattjus – vocals
Jukka Nummi – vocals
Roger Snellman – drums
Jari Tiura – vocals
Sven Wannäs – hammond & keys
Doogie White – vocals

Missed the show?? Ok listen here…