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Interview with Solid Faces members in ÖT

ÖT did an interview with Solid Faces members Sven, Henric and Anders just before the gig at Jakobsdagar 2015.

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Photos from Purple Night 2015

Purple Night 2015 was the 7th Purple Night held by Perfect Strangers of Finland (PSOF). May 29, at Tavastia klubi, Helsinki.

PSOF was established in 1998 to promote and pay tribute to Deep Purple and related music. PSOF is approved by Thames Talent Ltd as the official Deep Purple Society in Finland.

The themes for Purple Night 2015 was to celebrating the 70th birthday of Ritchie Blackmore, born April 14, 1945.

HBF-Group (Henric Blomqvist – guitar, Jonas Kuhlberg – bass, Mika Paananen – drums, Sven Wannäs – keyboards) was performing an over two hour long set of songs with vocalists Doogie White, Jari Tiura and Kimmo Blom. Guests on guitar on a couple of songs joined also Mauri Savolainen and Pekka “More” Karvonen.

Other performing bands was also Rock Roster and Violet Moon.

Photos from Purple Night 2015.


Doogie White & HBF group – Perfect Strangers

Purple Night 2015 – Tribute to Ritchie Blackmore 70 year

May 29, 2015. Tavastia-klubi, Helsinki.

Doogie White & HBF group – Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple cover) live video.

Henric Blomqvist – guitar
Jonas Kuhlberg – bass
Mika Paananen – drums
Sven Wannäs – keyboards
Doogie White – vocals